Our Approach to Business

Our Approach to Business

Our approach to business is to provide our clients with access to technologies and services that will improve efficiency and deliver cost savings.

We provide a cost-effective technical solution for planning and implementing successful coring operations.

  •  Understanding  the coring intricacies and utilising our service company experience we provide coring optimisation including QA/QC of equipment and programs, recommendations, well site supervision and post job review and analysis.   
  • Our key personnel  have been involved with the SureCore  technology from its inception and  together with our coring optimisation experts  this has created a team of experience that most companies struggle to achieve.  This has been critical during the development of the SureCore and coring optimisation services.

Combining the Coring Optimisation with the SureCore.

  • Experience to understand the application and plan accordingly (Good Planning).
  • Real-time information from down hole to make timely and correct decisions (Knowledge).