Coring Optimisation Services


Using our experienced personnel that have worked on coring and optimisation projects most recently in Australasia and the Asia Pacific region  - we can offer a complete coring optimisation service.

This service can extend from writing or advising on coring tenders, conducting equipment QA/QC pre job load out audits, audits on service providers facilities, and  oversight of the planning and execution of coring operations in the office and at the well site  on behalf of the operator.

We can also use our experienced engineers to monitor coring operations  remotely using the operators real time software. This allows another set of independent experienced eyes to review the data in real time and assist with recommendations during a coring operation.

The SOS team have carried out the optimisation work in recent years for clients such as Inpex (Australia and Indonesia), Woodside (Myanmar, Australia, South Korea), Santos, Quadrant, Apache, AGR and AWE.

    Examples of our Optimisation Work:

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