Core Level Recorder CLR

Core Level Recorder CLR

Core Level Recorder (Specialised Oilfield Services) Video from Andrew Thompson on Vimeo.

The CLR tool is ideal for a low cost coring operation to assist in confirming core recovery, confirmation of depths and impact of trip out speeds on the core quality. The CLR has successfully identifed where core had been milled/washed away between stringers when in the past it was unknown where about in the core run the core was lost.

Operation Sequence

  • The tool is switched on off critical path and installed in the lower half shoe core catcher assembly. 
  • Once coring starts the CLR records the rate and time the core enters the inner barrel.
  • The tool moves up and downwards with the core and remains static if the core has jammed off.
  • This data can be used to establish if core was milled or washed away during coring giving a better understanding of true depths and formation locations.
  • CLR data is downloaded on surface after a core run. The tool can be reinstalled and rerun in the next core barrel assembly.

Features and Benefits

  • Compatible with all coring companies.
  • Can be converted to measure 4” and 5 ¼” core sizes at the rig site.
  • CLR tool weighs less than core of the same length.
  • Installed and removed from the coring assembly off critical path.
  • Large TFA in the ports allowing pumping through the inner barrel while RIH.
  • Coring operation not affected (along for the ride).
  • Easy to operate.
  • Milling, washing, loss of core can be correlated to the coring parameters to optimise future coring runs.
  • Core expansion or loss during POOH will be recorded and trip out speeds can be amended on future runs to prevent core damage.
  • Knowing if core fell out of the core barrel after the core run would be especially helpful if going in the hole again to cut another core, knowing if there is any core left in hole can assist in making decision to either go back in with a drilling assembly and clean out the hole or go slowly to bottom to try and restart coring gently. 
  • Download data uses time and tool movement along with the surface parameters and logs to determine what happened during a core run.
  • Temperature indicating strips will confirm maximum downhole temperature reached.
  • 300 hours of battery power