SureCore Real-Time Measurement While Coring

SureCore Real-Time Measurement While Coring


The SureCore  is a real – time coring indication system that informs the operator if the core is jammed, milling, washing or still coring throughout a coring operation. The system uses  MWD technology inside a core barrel and can be run with Halliburton, BHI, NOV and CorPro coring systems. 

The tool not only lets the operator know if the core is jammed or not,  it also records the data during coring and whilst tripping.  This information is crucial as it can help eliminate lost core data and provide a better understanding of what occurred during a coring operation.  The data download will identify if core was lost while pulling out of hole so depths can be adjusted accordingly.

Coring has been  very much dependent on the experience of the coring engineer in interpreting surface data. However even the most experienced engineer can make mistakes when picking or missing a jam off.  The SureCore will eliminate indecision  and uncertainty during coring and therefore can save a considerable amount of lost time, lost core data or damaged core. 


Some of the comments and feedback we receive from drilling, geology and  coring  people are:

  • This type of technology is long overdue
  • We only see benefits running this tool with no downside
  • It's like an insurance policy when conducting coring operations
  • This could help us understand reservoirs better in order to plan more efficiently
  • It could save us from redrilling a formation due to not losing the coring data
  • Indicate that we have not actually jammed and are just coring a hard stringer (Do Not POOH) & adjust parameters
  • Save time by having confidence on what is happening down hole so a quick informed decision can be made
  • Use the tool for more accurate depth correlation of the core
  • Run longer coring assemblies with confidence we won't mill away valuable coring data

Specialised Oilfield Services own all the SureCore and CLR technology  patents outright.