News - 10 Successful SureCore Runs Offshore Australia 2019

SOS real-time measuring while coring (MWC) services was presented an opportunity to run the SureCore technology offshore Australia.  

The tool was used successfully to cut 10 cores in different sections of the well.  The SureCore was run in conjunction with the Baker Hughes, JamBuster multi activation coring assembly in 8 ½” hole capturing a 3.5 dia core.

The SOS engineer monitored the core intake and informed the coring engineer if core was being captured successfully, jamming or milling which optimised each core run. The SureCore was also used to monitor inner barrel rotation, vibration and temperature in real-time.  The accurate down hole coring information provided throughout was integral to the success of this coring project. The real-time and downloaded memory data was also used to assist in analysing each core run, jamming mechanisms and to assit with optimising the parameters for subsequent core runs.